Good for him!! With the advice they were giving him, if he’s paid 2mil out of the 5mil. they should consider themself’s lucky & even!!  He should of fought to get the 165 cut in half and he could of been playing at the All Star break!! He’d would be making about 12mil of the 25mil the Yanks would  owe him for this year. And paid his Lawyer bills in full at the end of the season. I’ll agree he’s burned too many bridges now, but his Lawyers lite the match that helped burn a few of them.


The Right Deal!!

If I were you Scott I’d stay off the phone!!!

E. Santana

It has to be KC. Just cut B. Penny and they just lost L. Hochevar  for the season. 14Mil.(KC’s original qualifying offer)  I year deal. KC is the team that makes the most sense(don’t lose a draft pick or pool money) Orioles or Blue Jays don’t a great pick(all ready have sighed tendered free agents) but they do lose more pool money. He’s going back to KC, unless both sides have a mutual dislike for each other(haven’t read anything like that).